La Vista World – A New Beginning

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What is net area vs gross area and how it effects your real estate
September 23, 2021
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La Vista World – A New Beginning

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It is quite obvious how rapidly the landscape of Pakistan has been changing. We have seen some amazing growth in various industries of Pakistan, and real estate is just one of them. Considering the focus of the current government on construction and real estate, and how encouraging the condition of the state has been investment-wise, the real estate sector has seen some impressive progress in the last few years.

But like all things, the real estate development and construction sector has seen some areas where there is a need for improvement. Whether it is the lack of proper facilities, or exuberant rates, or just the quality of construction; we at La Vista World felt that we can offer much better products to our customers at market competitive rates.

At La Vista World, our aim has been simple; better quality and thought through real estate solutions at affordable prices.

How do we differ from the competition and other available products in the market nowadays? Well, let us explain and by the end of this blog, we hope you will have a clear idea what sets us apart from the competition.

One of the main points of contention when it comes to buying a property in such buildings is the wastage of space and the amount you are paying for that wastage. It is important to know when any developer is constructing a tower for commercial and residential use, there are some common spaces in the buildings whose cost is divided between the residents/occupants of that building. It is commonly known as net areas vs gross area. The net area is the actual area of the accommodation. Whereas the gross area includes any common areas like the corridors, and stairways, and lifts etc. We have worked very hard with our architects and designers to bring you one of the lowest net area vs gross area in a building of this magnitude. Simply put, at La Vista World, you will get more bang for your buck!

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But it has to be said that although it sounds easy, it was definitely a hard task. We have worked day and night with our team of designers and engineers to bring a product that will not only stand out from the perspective of design and visual appeal, but it will also add great value to the whole concept of La Vista World and the real estate landscape of Pakistan. We have taken even the smallest things under consideration for the construction of our towers; from having not one but two king size lifts, to in-house security and CCTV setup, to providing clean drinking water in each unit of the building thanks to our RO water processing plant, and more. These are just a few of the facilities that simply make us better than the competition and other real estate solutions available in the market.

Other amenities include in-house laundry services, in-house janitorial services, dedicated meet and greet area for the residents of apartments and penthouses, firefighting infrastructure, and modern IT and high-speed internet services. We have included many services and facilities to make your living experience a 5-star experience at La Vista World.

It is important to mention here that even the shops and commercial outlets at La Vista World will be regulated. What we want to achieve is that all the commercial activities happening within the premises of the building should supplement the living experience of the residents of La Vista World apartments and penthouses. Also, by regulating the commercial access of the building, we intend to make sure that the commercial activities do not become any sort of nuisance for the occupants. 

All of these steps that we have taken will not only make La Vista World one of the best commercial and residential complexes in the twin cities, but it will also help increase the commercial value of the property. making it a highly sought-after piece of real estate in not just Bahria Town but also in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It won’t be wrong to say that in fact you will be investing in your future.

Lastly, we would like to conclude by saying that we have achieved all our milestones that we had set even before starting this project. And although there have been variables that were not in our control, like the price hikes of building materials, or the unpredictability of weather, or even just the general inflation as well as including labour and material, we have still managed to achieve what we had set our eyes to. And with the delivery date of December 2023, we aim to fulfil our promise.

So be part of the change, and join La Vista World while we bring real change to the real estate sector of Pakistan.

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